Stellar adaptive reuse of the former Wonder Bread Building proposed

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Wonder Spokane, LLC has proposed a massive adaptive reuse of the former Wonder Bread Building on the North Bank of the Spokane River. The proposal would add a mostly-glass third story to the building and inject a market hall into the first floor, with office space above.

Here’s one I just couldn’t wait until Monday to share. Wonder Spokane, LLC has proposed a stellar, game-changing adaptive reuse of the former Wonder Bread Building on the North Bank of the Spokane River. The 111,000 square foot former bakery sits at 821 W Mallon Ave, directly across from the Spokane Arena. At its peak, the plant produced 500,000 pounds of bread products each week, until it closed in 2000. Now the investors of Wonder Spokane, LLC, apparently led by Denver lawyer and businessman Pete Mounsey, believe the building can be a promising site for redevelopment, as they’ve applied to attend a Pre-Development Conference* with the City.

Their version of the Wonder Bread Building would see it completely transformed and restored, adding a partly-glass third story and other unique amenities. The first floor of the historic building would occupied by a market hall concept much larger than Spokane’s only other existing market hall, Saranac Commons. The second and third floors, meanwhile, would be occupied by leasable office space, with an event space and rooftop patio on the third floor. In addition to the redevelopment of the historic building, the developer proposes an attractive-looking parking garage with two completely separate retail spaces on the west (Lincoln St) side. The sum total of these investments would be a complete revitalization of the North Bank of the river and significantly more life on this crucial corridor connecting the Spokane Arena with Kendall Yards. We look forward to hearing more details as the developer shares its plans.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.32.57 AM

Their plan for a parking garage is significantly more attractive than any other we’ve seen in Spokane, including two retail pads, abundant greenery, and significant architectural interest. Yeah, it’s parking, but at least it looks nice.

*A Pre-Development Conference is not a building permit application. It simply indicates that a developer is intensely exploring a project. That said, the Wonder Spokane, LLC proposal includes the type of detailed plan drawings and architectural sketches which typically accompany a later-successful project.

SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: What do you think? Are you excited by the Mounsey-Wonder Spokane proposal? What about the proposal seems the most interesting? The rooftop patio? The retail as part of the parking garage? The new third flood? What about the idea of a market hall––is that something you’d like to see more of in Spokane? Share your thoughts in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter. We love to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “Stellar adaptive reuse of the former Wonder Bread Building proposed

    • Those condominiums seem like they would be a great place to live. I’d be excited for a project like this myself if I lived there. Hopefully the new owners are able to accomplish the task. It would be another nice reason to visit that area from time to time.

      In my list of all the places I would like to live in Spokane, the Upper Falls Condominiums building is in the top five (The 809 Lofts is at the top.). It’s proximity to the park and the downtown area, along with how nice it looks, makes it an ideal place for me. When the weather is warm and sunny, I’ll drive past it in my wheelchair a couple times a year to admire the building and dream of a better future where I could afford to live there. It’s a type of motivation that makes me want to accomplish more before my time is up.

  1. Great proposal, let’s hope it happens.
    Perhaps that’ll help jumpstart and motivate more redevelopment in that area such as the proposed condo tower that’s supposed to be built on the former YWCA lot.
    I like the idea of the glass 3rd story, and it sounds like it’ll be a good design blend of contemporary with traditional.
    I look forward to seeing the architectural renderings on this project.

  2. I would definitely shop there! Currently I only go to that are a few times per year when I need a specialty item from the Kitchen Engine. But with more shops coming to Wonder Bread and a grocery store coming to Monroe and Summit, I will visit the businesses in that area much more often.


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