Speaking of a grocery in a remodeled Sherwood Building…

Grocery is the major issue holding downtown Spokane’s housing expansion from reaching hyper-speed. So is the Sherwood Building’s remodel the solution? (PHOTO: Sherwood Plaza)

On Tuesday, I tweeted as part of the #insteadofsprawl campaign that a grocery store on the first floor of the Sherwood Building, which is currently being remodeled into Class A office space on the second floor and above, would help downtown continue to expand its housing options. Currently downtown doesn’t have a mainstream grocery store within easy reach by foot or bike, but adding one would encourage more people that downtown can be a viable option even for families.

Now we have this rendering of what a remodeled Sherwood might look like. While the rendering may not be indicative of specific tenants or plans, it certainly may illustrate some of the thinking of the owners. Perhaps Rosauer’s or another local grocer could develop plans for an urban-concept store. Time will tell, but we hope this rendering indicates a possible path forward for downtown.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of a grocery in a remodeled Sherwood Building…

  1. Not related comment to the post, but just thought about how cool it would be to watch the World Cup @ riverfront park if they added the large screen in the pavilion! Hopefully that will be a reality at the next World Cup

  2. Spokane has a great collection of “old bones” with the exception of the Rookery Block that met it’s demise sadly. It’s great to see the resurgence of maintaining/refurbishing these great structures. (just would like to see less surface parking structures filled up) With the abundant amount of events downtown, the renovation changes in Riverfront park, and the demand for living centrally creates a must for grocery/markets in the core!

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