Why this blogger’s been MIA

Affordable housing need not be ugly. With land use policies favoring dense, mixed-use development and the relative cost savings of upward construction, design is coming more into play with these low-income units. (PHOTO: 555yvr.com/SFGate.com)

Why have I been absent? To put a long story short, I’ve been writing a lengthy paper on affordable housing and the implications of land use policy on its implementation. Take a look at the article on Scribd (or click after the break for a preview) for an interesting read. With Spokane’s visible homeless population, it’s clear that the current housing model in the area is not working. Perhaps some of our land use regulations and ordinances are to blame.

Read more after the break.

Land use policy is an innovative and creative way to solve these types of problems, because often doing so can attack the root of the issue: developers’ unwillingness to build affordable units. Take a look, and read about the possible solutions (inclusionary zoning, mixed-income housing, and infill development) and barriers to their implementation. It would be interesting to see how a debate over inclusionary zoning would play out in Spokane. What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Why this blogger’s been MIA

  1. Welcome back! I just completed a masters degree and understand the demands a paper such as this puts on you. Well done. We all have high hopes Spokane will find the balance on this important issue. The Ridpath is a good example of providing housing to low income people, and revitalizing that area of downtown.

  2. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the value of the proposed changes to the sewer ordinances currently before the City Council?

    • I say go for it. There’s no harm in trying the changes to see what difference they can make. It will take years before we see any substantial benefit to changing the way water and sewer are billed in downtown mixed-use buildings, but I think that long-term, there’s incredible potential in the move.


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