Downtown’s Germond Building gains mid-range to upscale apartments

Downtown’s Germond Building is undergoing a major renovation designed by local favorite Ron Wells. (PHOTO: Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review)

Is the housing market in downtown Spokane starting to thaw out? On Tuesday the Spokesman-Review reported that the Germond Building in downtown Spokane is undergoing a major remodel with upscale apartments being designed and constructed by local developer Ron Wells on the upper floors. Notably, this historic building housed many of the city’s government offices for while a new City Hall was being constructed in the aftermath of the Great Spokane Fire in the 1890s.

Now, the four-story building will play host to eighteen new upscale apartment units on the upper three floors. Ironically, the building is owned by Diamond Parking, which we kinda-sorta railed against on Monday. Wells says that the “Diamonds have become passionate believers in restoring older buildings,” per the Spokesman (of course, tell that to the Rookery Block.) The units will range from 600-1,400 square feet and run from just over $1,000 to $2,400 monthly. The requisite granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, of course, apply. Oh, and retail will remain on the first floor, including two new tenants set to move in later this year. New residents move will be able to move in by November.


3 thoughts on “Downtown’s Germond Building gains mid-range to upscale apartments

  1. Good news! Many opportunities are available to Spokane for other projects like this. I can see what Spokane can be, and when people dismiss the youth in the community as ignorant and not privy to the issues, they show their own ignorance and are part of the problem Spokane has faced for decades. When you shift focus to other successful cities in the world, the youth has a major roll and contribute their abundant energy and ideas to the progress, implementation, and overall success of the whole. If the community was more accepting to the voice of our young educated driven members then maybe they wouldn’t be so inclined to leave to other cities that do. Meanwhile, Spokane wallows in it’s changeless limbo.

  2. It’s best to keep quotes as accurate facts. The Rookery Block was torn down by Wendell Ruegh, not Diamond Parking. Wendell built the parking lot and hired Diamond to manage it for him.


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