Coeur d’Alene grows up as One Lakeside gets underway

One Lakeside will feature fourteen stories of apartments and ground floor retail. The mixed-use design will utilize beautiful architecture featuring abundant glass and a perfect scale for the city.

We don’t post too much about Coeur d’Alene here at The #spokanerising Project, but we couldn’t resist bringing the news that another new high-rise will soon join McEuen and Parkside Towers on Lake Coeur d’Alene’s north shore. Ground will be broken on One Lakeside this spring in anticipation of substantial completion within two years. The fourteen-story, 173-foot tall tower will feature a large increase in units for the lot and a fancy-pants rooftop pool.

While the project was delayed due to a lawsuit from owners of the condo building north of this site, that lawsuit has now been tossed and construction will begin promptly, first with demolition of the existing two-story apartment building currently on the lot.

For more renderings of One Lakeside, follow us after the break.

Another side rendering of One Lakeside. Note the ample use of glass and brick facade at the street level. Street trees enhance the urban forest.

4 thoughts on “Coeur d’Alene grows up as One Lakeside gets underway

  1. Spokane should be building like this. The new hotel is great, but lacking architecturally interesting features, and still unknown how street level will look along Main. Building desirable mixed-use towers in Downtown Spokane would bring new interest and confidence into the core adding to the momentum Kendall Yards is bringing to the area.

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