Latest rendering of Worthy’s Convention Center Hotel eschews brick entirely, looks somewhat more modern

White and Black will be clothing the downtown Spokane skyline in the near future. (PHOTO: Visit Spokane)

White and Black will be clothing the downtown Spokane skyline in the near future. (PHOTO: Visit Spokane)

Here’s the latest rendering of the Convention Center Hotel currently under construction in downtown Spokane. While the basic structure of the building has not changed much since its introduction, the materials to be used certainly have. When the project was announced, it was to be built of brick with hardly a street-level enhancement. Now, the hotel will feature white and black paneling not unlike that currently covering the Spokane Convention Center/INB Performing Arts Center itself, and the street level will feature a more lively lobby and retail/restaurant spaces.

Also of note is the parking garage on the side of the block facing Main. Note the clean, bold lines of the black and white paneling and the addition of street-level enhancements. One of the fears that came with this project was that that side of the block would become dead space due to the parking garage. Now it appears that the ground level will be used for meeting or small convention space.

What do you think? Has Walt Worthy and the Davenport Hotel Collection done enough to ensure that this latest entry into Spokane’s skyline aesthetically and actively fits with the rest of downtown? Are the paneling changes enough to ensure that the building doesn’t look like the Davenport Tower? And what about those Soviet-esque windows? Share your thoughts in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Latest rendering of Worthy’s Convention Center Hotel eschews brick entirely, looks somewhat more modern

  1. This hotel will be good for Spokane and surrounding businesses. When large empty parking lots are filled with store fronts, restaurants, and street level activity you won’t find me complaining. Well, almost not complaining. The design for this particular major development project is less than I would hope for. It seems Walt Worthy likes the look of simplistic boxy structures with small square windows dispersed evenly throughout. To me, this is another flat top building in a town that is begging for unique, modern architectural buildings. Most likely this will be the last high rise building Spokane will see for many years, so it is disappointing that it’s not more for the eye to appreciate.

  2. (To echo bgriff4) Since removed from Washington for 10 years I still follow up on developments, and while I applaud the Worthys on creating business and infrastructure their designs/architecture leave little to the imagination with a lack of creativity in my humble opinion. I first saw the initial brick color and thought “that would not be that bad” then other renderings came out with the white façade and zooming out with areal views exposing its extra blocky look. I do realize the brick would of been quite clash aligned with the Oprah House so I can see where the color change occurred but, the style is nothing more than the Davenport Tower on it’s side with it’s Communist Block 80’s era feel to it. I personally would of liked to see something with more glass (Breaking the Spokane boring dark block look) with extra height and not so spread out instead. Never the less good for Spokane and small businesses that will profit in the area.

  3. I’d have to say that I definitely agree with everything that’s been said so far; the brick would have been more fitting for Spokane, and the windows still make the building look like it belongs in Soviet Russia. It should have been all-glass. Or at least, it should have had significantly more glass wrapping the building. The newer end of the Spokane Convention Center puts this building to shame architecturally.

    Remember that when Worthy opened the Davenport Tower, he said that he “made the investment on the interior of the building”? Well, this was an opportunity to prove that he knew how to make investments to the exterior of the building to make it more desirable and visually attractive for Spokane. He failed.

  4. Nothing to argue about there Mr. Gill agreed inspiration from the newer addition of the convention center would have been a great start. And for the record above let it be known it’s Opera House not Oprah House as I posted. 🙂

  5. Walt worthy is cutting architecture out, not making a modern statement. He builds out of precast concrete because it is the only thing he knows or can afford. If the hotel fails, the jail is looking for expansion space. The city planning department needs to hav a back bone on this one or else the skyline will be scarred forever.

  6. Linked below is a local W ALoft close to my work in Phoenix. It resembles to a smaller point what I believe Worthy’s hotel will look like. Next to many things already mentioned, what bothers me the most is the roof being so flat (so long, so flat). If something was added to the roof like the picture below it would help this monstrosity a bit.

    • That’s a really, really good suggestion. With how much that has changed about the design already even with construction already underway, I would not be surprised if Worthy would be amenable to small-scale changes like that one.


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