General Growth Properties reveals plans to remodel NorthTown Mall

NorthTown Mall will be extensively remodeled in 2014 featuring a more modern and stylish exterior. (PHOTO: Spokane Journal of Business)

General Growth Properties, the owner of NorthTown Mall at Wellesley and Division in north Spokane (and Spokane Valley Mall on Indiana), is planning a massive remodel of their largest inland Northwest property. The changes should get underway in the next few weeks as crews demolish much of the north side of the building to build a new, more central and clearly defined entrance.

Significant modern and timeless architectural embellishments will be used to temper the current bare concrete facade of the building. The plan is to first demolish about 120,000 square feet of space between Macy’s and Kohl’s. Then 63,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space will be added in its place. The parking lot will be reconfigured and the interior of the building will be repainted and generally improved. Notably, GGP plans to sign tenants new to the Spokane area, but no announcements have yet been made. With construction getting underway shortly, all indications are that the renovations will be complete by early 2015.

We’re pleased to see redevelopment at Spokane’s primary suburban-style mall, but we do wish that investment would be more concentrated downtown. The Downtown Spokane Partnership has already indicated that additional retail space, especially for large-format retailers similar to Nordstrom, is incredibly necessary downtown. With General Growth Properties making a major investment at NorthTown, downtown will have a hard time keeping up unless significant investment is made. And soon.




One thought on “General Growth Properties reveals plans to remodel NorthTown Mall

  1. The renovation of Northtown in the late 80’s early 90’s along with the far north and east outlet shopping centers put a dagger in what was a great vibrant retail experience. Downtown Spokane was linked with a utilized skywalk system unique to a city of Spokane’s size with far more major retailers back then than now. Problems now for downtown? Horrible access and limited roads to downtown from the north, sprawl, a lack of class retail space screwed up by the restructuring of Riverpark Square, neglect and poor utilization of a great skywalk system that was the pulse of it’s glory days, and not enough small business. My answers/pipe dreams? Re-create the skywalk system to it’s full potential like a mini Minneapolis experience and open up small business there, find/renovation/create room for retail, and of course light rail/trolley routes through downtown making for a new exciting less irritable travel experience.


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